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FIXED RATE PLAN -- You are charged a $50 non-refundable application deposit at start of application.  When approved, you are charged 12 months prepayment ($234) which covers the next 12 months of service;  thereafter, the yearly $234 ($19.50 / month) fee is charged at the beginning of each anniversary.  Under these fixed rate plans, transactions are unlimited at $0 per transaction.

Reservations accepted by our online system are of two types:  Guaranteed and, optionally, Non-Guaranteed.

Guaranteed reservations are held regardless of arrival time, and are secured by client providing a credit card.  If customer does not show, customer is charged
            for the first day of the reservation if not canceled before the required time as stated in your cancellation policy.
Non-Guaranteed reservations (optional) are held only until a specified time on the arrival date -- usually 3PM.  No credit card is required.

What we provide:

        1)   FileMaker Runtime Database you will use to decrypt and store online reservations.  You can also add phone reservations manually to this runtime database. This runtime solution is a stand alone application and requires no other software as long as you meet the system requirements stated on home page.  (If you are running Vista on a PC, or later upgrade to Vista, you will need to purchase FileMaker Pro software separately since the provided free runtime solution does not support the Vista operating system.)

        2)   We provide the html code for the "Make a Reservation" button for each page of your web site.  This link directs your site's visitor to our server for making the online reservation.  Hotel is required to update their site's web pages to add this link.  (If hotel needs us to do this, we can do it for a $100 one-time charge.)  If hotel does not have a web site, we can host a 1-page web site for an additional $5.50/month and $75 setup fee that provides link for making reservations. (Domain name registration for your hotel is still required -- usually costing $8 - $14/year for registration. We can help set this up for you if needed.)

        3)   As soon as your client clicks the submit button, you are sent an e-mail advising that you have a reservation waiting on our server.  You then will need to login in to our server (a SSL connection) where each new reservation will be listed for your hotel.  Simply copy all the text of the new reservation and click a button in your local runtime database to decrypt it and print a copy for your front desk.  You will charge the credit card shown in Guaranteed Reservations on your local credit card terminal.

If you are using other local reservation system software, our system can export to a text file (tab-separated .txt or comma-separated .csv file) the reservation data for import by your other system.

Cancellation of Service

You may cancel service by e-maiing us from the e-mail address on file for your hotel before end of each annual billing period.    Effective date of cancellation will be at the end of the current billing period.  (Your annual billing period begins when your application is approved and every year thereafter.

If you should decide to discontinue service before the 12-month prepayment's expiration date (or monthly's expiration date), no refunds of unused prepaid monthly fees are given.


*If you want us to set up a web site for your hotel, we can set up a basic 2-page web site for $399 which INCLUDES:
          DOMAIN REGISTRATION FOR 10 YEARS -- ownership remains with hotel.
          3 YEARS OF PRE-PAID HOSTING BY GoDaddy.com (after the 36 months, hosting will be charged directly to hotel's credit card at
                   the going GoDaddy rates at that time.  (Current GoDaddy charge per month is about $8/mo on a 3-year advance payment basis.)

If you don't need a web site for your hotel, we will provide you with a web link that you can give your clients to make online reservations. No extra cost for this option and it works exactly the same as if they clicked a "Make Your Reservation" button on your web site.  You can then add this link to your business card and give to each client when they check out so they can make a future reservations with the convenience of being able to make them online from anywhere at anytime.

If you would like information on how SecureServices.cc can handle your needs for secure online transactions, contact us by clicking the Contact Us link below.  We will e-mail you a package showing how to gather your information to then go online and submit your application along with all your pertinent information for your hotel's online reservation system.  If you already have a web site, you can be accepting reservations within 5 days of the approval of your application.  Note:  Because we place a high degree of emphasis on security for both of us, you will be asked to provide proof of having a merchant account for accepting credit cards.

SecureServices.cc Terms of Use

SecureServices.cc liability is limited to providing its client hotels (hotels, B&B's, motels, etc.) with the secure acceptance and transfer of credit card and personal information from our servers to its client hotels.  Once this information is transfered to our client hotels, we have no further involvement nor liability in how this information will be used or protected from misuse by said client hotels.  Additionally, SecureServices.cc makes no claims as to the suitability, safety, or condition of said client hotels.



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