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Test Drive .... Make a Trial "Reservation" at our Demo's hotel.

Below are links to three different demo sites where you can TEST DRIVE by placing a "test" reservation that, of course, doesn't actually make a reservation  But, if you enter YOUR real e-mail address in the client's e-mail input box when making your "test" reservation, the server for this demo system sends the Notification of Received Reservation to the entered e-mail address.  This "Notification..", normally sent to the hotel, is how you know that a reservation is waiting for you to download by logging in to your account with SecureServices.cc.

      1)  Click here to see site with RATES BASED ON DAYS OF WEEK - ONLY US$ for the rates

      2)  Click here for site with RATES BASED ON DAYS OF WEEK - BOTH Mexican PESOS & equivalent US$

      3)  Click here for site with RATES BASED ON HIGH / LOW SEASONS in year - PESOS & US$

To make your "test" reservation in the demo sites above, just click the yellow "Make Your Reservation" button in left menu when the site's page opens after clicking a link above.  Each of these three links below will go to a site that looks the same, but each site's Reservation System differs by the options chosen:
1) Rates based on Days of Week showing only US$;  2) Rates based on Days of Week showing Pesos & US$;  or, 3) Rates based on "High / Low" seasons of year.  Note:  This same "Make Your Reservation" button would be on YOUR web site* for YOUR clients to make online reservations at YOUR hotel.


Note that these demo web sites offer the pages in both English and Spanish -- something that is completely optional.  For such sites, when the "Make Your Reservation" button is clicked on an English page, the Reservation Form is presented in English, and "English" is sent to your reservation database as the "Chosen Language".  Likewise, if client clicks the "Make Your Reservation" button on a Spanish page ("Hacer una Reservación"), the Reservation Form is presented in Spanish, and the client's chosen language shows as Spanish when reservation is sent to hotel so you will know to send your reservation confirmation in Spanish.  (Automated replies are pre-programmed into the system in English and Spanish.  All you have to do to turn on this option is to chose "Spanish" as the "Language 2".)


The system can offer rates displayed optionally in two different currencies.  Options:
      1)  Rates displayed only in US$ -- typical for most hotels in the U.S. 
      2)  Rates displayed in an International Currency (e.g. Pesos) -AND- the equivalent US$.

In option 2), the equivalent US$ shown is based on the exchange rate that you enter and update regularly using our online interface.  This option is typically used by hotels outside of the U.S. -- particularly ideal for those near the U.S. border or hotels mainly with clients from their country and the U.S.  When this option is used as rate basis, all actual charges are made in the International Currency with the equivalent US$ cost shown as estimate.


The system also offers rates based either on up to three DATE RANGE PERIODS specified for year (e.g. high / low rate seasons), or, based on DAYS OF WEEK and optionally, holidays that you specify (e.g. Sun-Thurs, Fri-Sat).  The system can handle up to nine different room types.
     For DATE RANGE PERIODS based rates:  A minimum of two date ranges is required for this method, but up to three DATE RANGE based rate schedules are supported by system (e.g. Jan2-Mar30, Apr1-Nov14, Nov15-Jan1).  (If you wanted only one date range, you would instead use a single Days of Week based rate schedule, e.g. "All Days".)  You set the time period dates for each rate schedule you set up.
     For DAYS OF WEEK based rates:  A minimum of one day range (i.e. one rate for ALL days) is required, but up to three rate schedules are supported by system (e.g.  Sun-Thurs,  Fri-Sat,  and optionally,  Holidays).  You set the days that apply for each rate schedule you set up.

Keep in mind, because you can update your hotel's database on the server any time you want, you can use this feature to offer dynamic rates or rate schedules that change throughout the year.  Each reservation transmitted to you shows the rates, schedules, and currency exchange that was offered when your client made his reservation.  This way, even if you change your rates locally, you know what was quoted to client at the time they made their reservation on the web.


Or, if no web site, we'll just provide a web link for you to give to your clients to make online reservations.


* If you want us to set up a web site for your hotel, we can set up a basic 2-page web site for $549 which INCLUDES:
          DOMAIN REGISTRATION FOR 10 YEARS -- ownership remains with hotel.
          3 YEARS OF PRE-PAID HOSTING BY GoDaddy.com (after the 36 months, hosting will be charged directly to hotel's credit card at
                   the going GoDaddy rates at that time.  (Current GoDaddy charge per month is about $8/mo on a 3-year advance payment basis.)

If you don't need a web site for your hotel, we will provide you with a web link that you can give your clients to make online reservations.  No extra cost for this option and it works exactly the same as if they clicked a "Make Your Reservation" button on your web site.  You can then add this link to your business card and give to each client when they check out so they can make a future reservations with the convenience of being able to make them online from anywhere at anytime.

If you would like information on how SecureServices.cc can handle your needs for secure online transactions, contact us by clicking the Contact Us link below.  We will e-mail you a package showing how to gather your information to then go online and submit your application along with all your pertinent information for your hotel's online reservation system.  If you already have a web site, you can be accepting reservations within 5 days of the acceptance of your application.  Note:  You will be asked to provide proof of having a merchant account for accepting credit cards.

SecureServices.cc Terms of Use

SecureServices.cc liability is limited to providing its client hotels (hotels, B&B's, motels, etc.) with the secure acceptance and transfer of credit card and personal information from our servers to its client hotels.  Once this information is transfered to our client hotels, we have no further involvement nor liability in how this information will be used or protected from misuse by said client hotels.  Additionally, SecureServices.cc makes no claims as to the suitability, safety, or condition of said client hotels.

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