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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SecureServices.cc so much less costly than others?

Our hotel reservation software package is fully automated.  Even the Application Form is a database that allows us to merely click a button to import all your information for automatic setup of your online database and the one we will have you download for processing your reservations.  And, because we've created a web interface that allows YOU to update and maintain your rates, room descriptions, etc. using a web browser, we don't have to have staff to maintain your system.  Instead, you do it yourself.

We don't provide expensive marketing of your hotel's web site -- something that you can do yourself at a fraction of the cost charged by competitors.  Having a clean, and well planned web site is your best way to show up in search engines without paying anything!  And, your know that your best advertising is running a clean and efficient hotel, B&B, or motel!  Doing so will enable you to build a base of satisfied and loyal repeat customers!

In summary, we are well organized, automated, and do only the basics of what you need to receive online reservations AT A LOW PRICE!  Here's more about what we do and don't do:

      What we do:

      • Host an SSL Secure Server that accepts reservations for your hotel.  It is accessed by having a link on YOUR web site to our site -- i.e. the "Make Your
            Reservation" button shown above, or your choice from over 30 different button designs, sizes, and color schemes, or, your own button design with the
            required wrapping text and link.
      • After notifying you of the received reservation, you retrieve the reservation's data from our server for input to the runtime database we provide you with.  This
            database stores all your online reservations as well as phoned in or walk in reservations you input manually. You confirm the availability of the room
            requested by clicking a button, then click another button to send an automated Reservation Confirmation e-mail.
      • A page is printed for your front desk describing the reservation so when client arrives you have all his information available.

      What we don't do:

      • We do not process credit cards nor offer Merchant Accounts.  You get your own Merchant Account and credit card terminal to process the online reservations
            we receive for you with credit card numbers (i.e. Guaranteed Reservations).  Many of our competitors provide the Merchant Account and give you a higher
            rate than you could otherwise obtain yourself.  This "hidden" cost can add up to lots each month!  Note that most sites of our competitors don't tell you costs
            or say "no fees" which means you will be paying these "hidden" costs.  You do much better getting your Merchant Account at your own bank!
      • We do not provide you with marketing of your hotel or web site.  Other companies that do this charge you mega bucks for something you can do youself with
            careful design of your web site and listings in the search engines.  Additionally, your best advertising is by running a clean and efficient hotel so your
            clients want to stay with you AGAIN on their next trip through your town.  By handing out a business card to checkouts with this at bottom: "Make your next
            reservation online at www....." (your web site's URL), you'll build loyal customers who return regularly.
      • The runtime database we provide you with for running on your local computer keeps track of reservations received.  It does not manage your hotel, nor
            keeps track of room usages or availability.  Nor is it a billing system even though it does show you by day what room rate to charge.

How do I receive reservations placed on my web site?

Notification of each received online reservation is sent via e-mail to hotel.  (No information about the reservation is included in this notification e-mail, just a short note saying that a reservation has been received.)  To retrieve the reservation, the hotel must log in to our secure server to download the actual reservation in encrypted format via a SSL connection.  The encrypted information -- encrypted with unique keys for each hotel -- is input locally to the hotel reservation software solution we provide where it is decrypted with matching keys unique to that hotel.  If the keys match, a new record is made for each online reservation received.  Hotel then transacts credit card charges locally from printed or viewed output of the database software solution we provide free to our clients.  Go to the Test Drive page and make a trial reservation.  You'll see how it works.

I offer some clients discounts from the posted rates.  Does system handle discounts?

Yes.  You can add a discount to any reservation simply by entering a percent in the Discount entry box for that reservation. Rates are automatically adjusted for the discount percent entered.  Or, you can have the system add a discount to all online reservations automatically; all auto added discounts can be overriden at will.  Our system also provides capability to offer coupons or group code web input that can be used, for example, for corporate clients to receive corporate rates when a group code is entered online.

I don't currently have a web site for my hotel.  How do I get one?

You can build one yourself with things like Yahoo tools, have us build a basic 2-page site for you, or have someone else build one for you.  We charge only $549 for a basic site which includes a 10-year domain registration and 3 years of hosting by GoDaddy.com.  (The 10-year domain registration and 3-years of hosting together cost over $350.)  You'll just need some high quality digital photographs of your facility and text about what you want to tell prospective clients about your hotel.  The Demo sites on the Test Drive pages are examples of the 2-page web site we build for clients.  You can get more details about how we can build a site for you at the bottom of our Home page.  We suggest you have your web site up and running at least 2 or 3 weeks before the start of your service period.  This way you have time to alert clients to the existence of your web site.

Or, if you need just a basic 1-page web site for accepting reservations with information and logos / photos of your hotel, we can set up for just $75 and host that web page for an additional $2.50/month.  You still will need to first register a domain for your hotel -- we can help you register your hotel's domain name which costs about $8 - $15 per year.  (e.g. "seasidemotelandinn.com")

I don't want a web site for my hotel.  Can I still take online reservations?

Yes.  If you don't need or don't want a web site for your hotel, we will provide you with a web link that you can give your clients to make online reservations.  No extra cost for this option and it works exactly the same as if they clicked a "Make Your Reservation" button on a web site.  You can then add this link to your business card and give to each client when they check out so they can make a future reservations with the convenience of being able to make them online from anywhere at anytime.  Also send this web link to clients on your mailing list.

What system requirements do I need?

A PC computer (Pentium 300MHz or higher running Windows 2000, XP, or higher), or a Macintosh computer (G3, G4, G5, or Intel running Mac OS X 10.2.8, 10.3.2 or later including all version of 10.4 and higher), with an internet connection (DSL, Cable, or dial-up modem) and an e-mail client program (e.g. Outlook Express, Eudora, Apple Mail) to receive e-mail notifications and send your Reservation Confirmations to client.

Note:  A high-speed internet connection is not essential since you will be receiving and sending only text based e-mails and logging into our SSL encrypted web mail server with a browser that supports a minimum of 128-bit encryption to copy text data on a regular basis.

Do I need to add any interfaces, CGI scripts, or other complicated stuff, to my web site?

No.  All that you need to add to your web pages is a single block of simple text that provides the HTML links to our server to access your online database to accept your reservations.  That's it!  We provide this html text for you.  If you need help in adding it to each page, we can do it for you for a $50 charge.

How long does it take to apply and what is the application process?

When you contact us or e-mail us with your phone number to call you, we'll ask for basic information, your computer platform and operating system, credit card for the $50 application non-refundable deposit .  We'll then prepare a custom runtime Application Form database for you to download.  We send you an e-mail within 3 days showing where you can download the runtime Application Form using a common web browser -- the total download will be about 10 Mb (Mac) or 14Mb (PC) and will be a zip archive.  You then enter your information and set up the text, room descriptions, rates, and preferences for your online reservation system.  When you've completed filling out the Application Form, you will e-mail a single file (database) back to us.  Because the database is password protected so ONLY you and SecureServices.cc can open it, it is quite safe to send to us via common e-mail. It is about 1.5 Mb in size and can easily to sent as an attachment to an e-mail letter.  (You can download a PDF of the Application Form Worksheet by clicking here:

Application Form Worksheet

Keep in mind, this is ONLY a worksheet. You must fill out the database version of the Application Form for us to process it.)

When we receive your completed Application Form and the required supporting documents by mail, the approval process will be done in less than a week -- usually the same day.  When approved, we'll prepare your local runtime solution for processing your online reservations and set up your hotel's database on our server.  This will be done in less than a week -- usually the next day.  When the setup is completed, you'll again download your hotel's runtime database using a web browser -- again 10Mb (Mac) or 14Mb (PC).   At same time, we'll send you the HTML coding for the "Make Your Online Reservation" button that needs to be added to each of your web pages to accept reservations.  When added to your site's pages, you are now able to accept and process online reservations.

When your application is approved, we will charge your credit card for the next 12-months in advance (non-refundable) and annually thereafter.

Can my application be turned down?   If so, do I get a refund of my $50 deposit?

Yes and no, in that order.  If you run an honest business, are a qualifying hotel, B&B, or motel with good customer service, and are in good standing with your Merchant Account provider (credit card processor), you will be approved.

Because we will be taking credit cards online for you, we rigorously need to be assured that you are a legitimate and upstanding business. If so, you will be approved.  If however, we find discrepancies in your application, or data provided can not be verified, or you've had excessive credit card chargebacks or disputes with clients, your application will either be declined or you will be asked to provide additional information about your ownership and sign a release for obtaining credit information from your bank and Merchant Account provider for us to continue the application process.  If your application is declined, either initially or after you've provided the supplemental information requested, your $50 deposit will not be refunded.  Acceptance or denial of your application is solely determined by SecureServices.cc.

If you would like information on how SecureServices.cc can handle your needs for secure online transactions, contact us by clicking the Contact Us link below.  We will e-mail you a package showing how to gather your information to then go online and submit your application along with all your pertinent information for your hotel's online reservation system.  If you already have a web site, you can be accepting reservations within 5 days of the acceptance of your application.  Note:  You will be asked to provide proof of having a merchant account for accepting credit cards.

SecureServices.cc Terms of Use

SecureServices.cc liability is limited to providing its client hotels (hotels, B&B's, motels, etc.) with the secure acceptance and transfer of credit card and personal information from our servers to its client hotels.  Once this information is transfered to our client hotels, we have no further involvement nor liability in how this information will be used or protected from misuse by said client hotels.  Additionally, SecureServices.cc makes no claims as to the suitability, safety, or condition of said client hotels.


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