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Here's the entire process....

From START ...

         ... your client clicking the "Make Your Reservation Button" that we put on your web site*


         ... the automated e-mail Reservation Confirmation letter you send to your client to confirm their reservation

1)  Your client clicks the "Make Your Reservation" button that we put on your web site*:  (Shown here is reservation made on our Demo site
      --  see "Test Drive" page.)

      Or, if no web site, we'll just provide a web link for you to give to your clients to make online reservations.



2)  Reservation form from our server opens and your client enters his name, address, and reservation request; then clicks "Continue":

Note: One of the great features of our system is that you can change the top logo section's text (and text color too) at any time for whatever reason or upcoming event.  This is great for announcing specials, announcing upcoming local events, highlighting conventions in town, etc.  Changes are made easily by using a web browser to update your hotel's data on the server.  When done, the changes you've made are instantly displayed on your hotel's reservation form on the web as shown below!  And, our online reservation pages are iPhone friendly -- not clogged with images that slow down your clients when they want to make a reservation at your hotel from their iPhone.



3)  Client next finalizes reservation by selecting either Non-Guaranteed (if hotel chooses to offer this option), or, Guaranteed after entering
      credit card information.  Client then clicks the "Place Guaranteed Reservation" in this example



4)  After placing reservation, client is presented with the Thank You page which he is encouraged to print as his copy of his request:

Note the "Smart Link" at bottom of page.  Once your client has dragged it to their desktop, he / she can make their next reservation at your hotel simply by double-clicking the "Smart Link".  Bingo!  It takes them directly to your reservation form with all their address information pre-entered -- all that is needed to be entered is the date of next visit and credit card.  GREAT for building returning clients!



5)  After placing reservation, our server sends you the following e-mail to notify you that you've received a reservation and need to log in to our
      system to retrieve the reservation information

Note that the above Notice of Received Reservation also shows you the cumulative month-to-date charge from SecureServices.cc.



6)  After logging in via your web browser and copying the reservation's data to your clipboard, next step is to open the reservation database (provided)
      on your local computer, and click the "Server Input" button in upper right corner.  After a pause to decrypt the data, your newly received reservation
      is displayed as shown below on the Input Layout of the provided database

Note insert above that shows the date and rate to be charged for each day of visit, based on your posted rate schedule.  Dec. 24th and Dec. 25th are charged at the Rate 3 schedule, $63.30, because these dates were listed as holidays (Rate 3 schedule), and same for New Year's Eve.  The weekend days of stay (Dec. 26th and Dec. 27th in this example) are charged at the Rate 2 schedule, $61.00, for weekends because these days are Fri. and Sat.  The remaining days, Sun - Tuesday, and Thursday are charged at the Rate 1 schedule, $54.80, for Sun - Thurs.  This automatic calculation by system for each day assures that your front desk clerks charge your clients correctly.



7)  After verifying room(s) availability, you click the appropriate response for this reservation as shown below in the Status box.
        (in this case the button for "OK-Guaranteed Reservtn" is clicked since room is available.)

     If room were not available, you would instead click the "Denied-Rooms Unavailable" button, then check each type of room that IS available from the
     "Available - ..." box to right of the STATUS box, and send the Confirmation.  The sent confirmation states that choice of rooms is not available and offers
     those that are, asking for resubmission or reply choosing room type that is available.


8)  The last step is to send client a Reservation Confirmation e-mail.  You do this simply by clicking the button for sending e-mail in whatever language is
      appropriate (if you've chosen to use a second language).  In this case, the red "English Only" button is clicked because the client used the English
      reservation page (his "Client Choice" of language) to make his reservation.  When the red button "English Only" is clicked, the confirming e-mail is
      automatically sent from your local e-mail program*

Note:  In this example English is the only language chosen by hotel; hence the green and gray buttons do not show a second language, and if clicked, the e-mail is sent in English.  Adding a second language is as simple as filling in the name of second language in input box, then translating your automated e-mail responses into that language.  (Our solution offers Spanish as an option and requires no further translations on your part other than particulars related to your hotel if you opt to choose Spanish as second language.)

*You will need a local e-mail program to send the automated Reservation Confirmation e-mails to your client.  For PC, this might be Outlook Express or a free e-mail client program like Eudora.  For Macintosh, this would be Apple Mail included with System X.  If you use only Web Mail to receive and send e-mails, you could use the white boxes to right of the Send Confirmation Reply section that auto copy the data to your clipboard, but this alternate methods requires you to paste each section into the outgoing web mail letter after clicking the white buttons for each section (e-Mail Address, Subject, and Message).

Note:  The Web Mail account at SecureServices.cc assigned to you can NOT be used to send your mail.  For security, it is blocked from receiving any outside mail (except from our own server) and is also blocked from sending any mail.



9)  Here is the automatic Reservation Confirmation e-mail that is sent to your client when you click the Send Confirmation button for English.
      (Note:  The text in these letters can be customized to your own wording by going to a layout in your hotel's database where the automated
      text for the e-mailed replies is set.)



10)  At the same time Reservation Confirmation e-mail is generated, the following page is printed for your front desk so it's available for client check in:

Note the comment that was added for the Front Desk (blue text) before this page was printed.
Such comments are in bold print so your front desk clerk is sure to see it.




That's it for making & processing a reservation!  You spend less than one minute processing each reservation!  And, using this same database that we provide, you can enter phoned and walk-in reservations too -- albeit manually -- so all your reservations are in one central location for archiving.

Next step is for you to take a "test drive" by clicking "Test Drive - See How It Works" link at top of this page.  Doing so will allow you to make a "test" reservation.  And, by entering your real e-mail address when making the test reservation, you will be e-mailed a Reservation Notice (shown in step 5 above) and will be e-mailed a Reservation Confirmation (shown in step 9 above) as if the hotel confirmed your reservation request.


How you keep your Reservation Form Up-to-Date

In your provided RunTime application (FileMaker database), there are 5 buttons that open web pages via a secure connection (SSL) for you to update the fields pertinent to your hotel .  These are called the "Global Updates".  You can see what's in each of these Global Updates by clicking the link for each:

Global Update #1 allows you to update the text fields in your reservation form's HEADER and policy statements on the RESERVATION FORM.

Global Update #2 is where you will set the eMail Addresses, ROOM & RATE DESCRIPTIONS (including whether you have 1, 2, or 3 rates), and the RATE
                                 METHOD (based on DAYS or on DATE RANGES). If you choose to include Holiday rates, they will be defined here.

Global Update #3 is where you set your posted CURRENCY (US$=default), ROOM RATES, PREFERENCES, and optionally, EXTRA SERVICES.

         If you have chosen to offer your Reservation Form also in a Second Language, there are two more Global Updates for second language:

         Global Update #1b:  Here you enter the 2nd language translations for text fields entered in Global Update #1 (English).

         Global Update #2b:  Here you enter the 2nd language translations for text fields entered in Global Update #2 and Extra Services from #3.

*If you do not currently have a web site for your hotel, we can set up a basic 2-page web site for $399 which INCLUDES:
          • DOMAIN REGISTRATION FOR 10 YEARS -- ownership remains with hotel.
          • 3 YEARS OF PREPAID HOSTING by GoDaddy.com (after 36 months, you'll renew 3-yr contract with GoDaddy directly at going rates -- currently about $8/mo,
                3-year prepay.)  You can see a typical 2-page web site that we build for hotels by clicking here: www.hotellavilla.biz/sanquintin (site in example above)

If you would like information on how SecureServices.cc can handle your needs for secure online transactions, contact us by clicking the Contact Us link below.  We will e-mail you a package showing how to gather your information to then go online and submit your application along with all your pertinent information for your hotel's online reservation system.  If you already have a web site, you can be accepting reservations within 5 days of the acceptance of your application.  Note:  You will be asked to provide proof of having a merchant account for accepting credit cards.

SecureServices.cc Terms of Use

SecureServices.cc liability is limited to providing its client hotels (hotels, B&B's, motels, etc.) with the secure acceptance and transfer of credit card and personal information from our servers to its client hotels.  Once this information is transfered to our client hotels, we have no further involvement nor liability in how this information will be used or protected from misuse by said client hotels.  Additionally, SecureServices.cc makes no claims as to the suitability, safety, or condition of said client hotels.


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